Yasuní is a true jewel of nature… I am proud to stand with those who have declared that 'enough is enough'. Yasuní must forever be protected.

Dr William F Laurance, Senior Staff Scientist, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.
Former President, Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation.
Another world is possible…Conserving Yasuní National Park is not only important in order to protect the native people living there, nor simply to save the immense biodiversity which it protects.

Professor José María Tortosa, Institute of Social Development
and Peace, University of Alicante, Spain.

I support campaigns such as the Yasuní Oro Verde/Yasuní Green Gold. Their battle should be our battle, the existence of these people and their environment does not stop being the heritage of all humanity.

Professor Antonio Romero Romero Social Psychology of Conflict and Interpersonal Relations, University of Granada, Spain.

We hope that the campaign to spread the name of the 'Yasuní Green Gold' may …avoid the destruction and extinction of ancestral cultures and forms of human life which are the basis for this struggle.

Lourdes Tiban, Secretary of State for Indigenous People
(CODENPE, Council for Development of Nationalities and Peoples of Ecuador).

As a scientist, I can easily list the values of the Yasuní ecosystem: extraordinary biodiversity, a role in maintaining climate cycles and soil, potential as a source of medications, and an enormous wealth of research possibilities.

Amy Mertl, Biology Department, Boston University, USA.

For an entomologist like me, Yasuní is a taxonomic treasure trove… I can only imagine the passion with which the native residents of Yasuní must love their land, and I strongly support their efforts to protect it.

Amy Mertl, Biology Department, Boston University, USA.

The conservation of the Yasuní cannot be seen as just one more cause that we help to defend, but as a question of planetary importance.

Ramon Bartomeus, Iwith Foundation, Spain.

It is vital that we protect Yasuní now; it is vital we support projects such as Yasuní Green Gold…I hope you will join us.

Professor Salvador García, University of Barcelona, Spain and founder of Eutôpia-Consultores Sin Fronteras (Utopia-Consultants without Borders); Dr Richard E Bilsborrow, Carolina Population Center and Curriculum in Ecology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA; Dionisios Youlato, Department of Zoology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; Professor José Augusta Padua, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

This fragile world is coming under threat from international oil companies, who see the Yasuní area as nothing more than a source of profit. I hope that like many other groups and individuals, you will support the Yasuní Green Gold project and protect one of the last unspoilt regions of the world.

Nick Caistor, journalist and broadcaster specializing in Latin America.

Yasuní Green Gold will not only help bring the world's attention to this ecological jewel, but will serve as an educational tool and catalyst for worldwide efforts to save this region and its cultural and biological heritage.

Dr Carl Ross and Dr Matt Finer, Save America's Forests, USA.

There is no room for indifference or delay; time is on the side of the powerful. Because of this it is essential to support campaigns such as Yasuní Green Gold, which operates locally in the inalienable task of the building of another possible world.

Professor Jesús López Megías, Center for Initiatives in Cooperation for Development (CICODE), University of Granada, Spain.

I consider it not a duty but a privilege to join the cause in the defense, protection and conservation of the precious biological diversity of the Yasuní.

Professor Javier Retana, Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF), Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.

This campaign aims to contribute to a broader global debate that will lead to specific actions to protect the many other places threatened by the need to meet the growing energy consumption of a small fraction of the planet's population.

Joaquín Avilés López, Millennium Villages Project, The Earth Institute, USA.

At Yasuní, we found almost 150 different epiphyte species on not more than 0.1 hectares of rainforest. Worldwide, this is the highest epiphyte diversity ever recorded for an area of that size - further evidence for the enormous biodiversity of Yasuní and a reason to support the Yasuní Green Gold campaign.

Nils Köster, Epiphyte Working Group, Nees Institute for Biodiversity of Plants, Bonn, Germany.

Because our research on the link between oil extraction, road-building, and the forest canopy fauna is so closely related to the theme of the Yasuní Green Gold book, we wholeheartedly support its publication.

Dr Christy Jo Geraci, Entomology Department, and Dr Terry L Erwin, Curator of Coleoptera and Head of the Department of Entomology, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC, USA.

The Yasuní Green Gold campaign will show the world what irreplaceable treasures of diversity Yasuní rainforests truly are.

Dr Christy Jo Geraci, Entomology Department, and Dr Terry L Erwin, Curator of Coleoptera and Head of the Department of Entomology, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC, USA.

I wish to call upon both national and international actors who have a stake in Yasuní to listen. Let us open our ears to the proposals of the local people while retaining our capacity to provide constructive criticism. And let us join them in the processes that they themselves have initiated. Yasuní is Green Gold.

Luis Robles, National Project Director for Ecuador, Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI), Ecuador.

The indigenous people of the Amazon have their own proposals for conservation, change and sustainable development…looking for support in order that they might carry them out is a positive thing for everybody. Because of this we support campaigns such as Yasuní Green Gold.

Human Rights Committee of Orellana, Ecuador Red de Líderes Comunitarios Angel Shingre Federation of Campesino Organizations of Orellana, Ecuador (FOCAO) Comunidad Huaorani Dícaro, Province of Orellana, Ecuador Oil Politics Forum of Orellana Province, Ecuador

Nature is paradoxical. So strong, vigorous and wild in itself, yet so fragile and vulnerable in the hands of humans. We should all help, so that it should not be necessary to lose even an inch of its wealth. Yasuní is Green Gold: because of this I support the campaign.

Miguel Ángel Martín López, Head of International Cooperation, Córdoba Diputación, Spain.

Exploitation of natural resources such as the Yasuní National Park can cause alarming changes in our environment and can harm the most vulnerable people in the world who depend on natural resources for their livelihood. (Outreach efforts such as the one promoted by the Movimiento Idun to protect the Yasuní are necessary to bring the issue to the public attention, and I support such efforts.)

Jordi Llopart, United Nations Millennium Campaign, New York.

This book Yasuní Green Gold leads us to the Yasuní Park, using the attractive and concrete language of art and photography. Yasuní's amazing natural endowment and people, their conflicts and expectations are beautifully presented. The short albeit concise text explains the conflicts, contradictions and hopes of the Park and its peoples, and their global significance.

Professor Carlos Larrea, Universidad Andina Sim


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